Sunshine’s Creations: yoyos

1 February, 2007

Sunshine’s Creations: wip

Beautiful, bountiful yoyos!

Note to self: remember tips from Alex Anderson for making perfect circles.


3 Responses to “Sunshine’s Creations: yoyos”

  1. sunshine Says:

    Thanks for the link. I hope you have fun making someyo-yo’s too. Here is another cool link to yo-yo’s this link makes a heart shaped yo-yo.

  2. Thanks, Sunshine, for sharing the link to my free Heart YoYo Pattern!

    You’ve made ALLLLLLLLL those yoyo’s in the pictures above? WOW! I am impressed! Those little buggers are getting waaay under my skin!

    If I may share Sunshine’s Flickr Group just for yoyo’s. There are some great ideas among these photos!

    Now I will probably be dreaming about yoyo’s! LOL


  3. Wow, look at all those yo-yos! The way that they are stacked reminds me of the little yo-yo dolls that people used to make back in the 70’s. At least that’s when I remember seeing them when I was a kid. They’d use little ones for the arms, bigger ones for the legs, and huge ones for the body. 🙂

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