Sarah’s Pretty Pouches

11 February, 2007

Sarah of hiptopiecesquares just made a bunch of the prettiest pouches you ever saw! Note to self: get a zipper foot and figure out how to use it.

She says:

It’s true! I’m back! I guess it was never my intention to leave this
just sitting her for months and months, but I know most people know how
it goes: you just get lazy. I don’t know what happened–I just seemed
to lose my blogging mojo. Then, after you stop writing, it’s hard to
get back into it. It seemed weird to just jump right back in where I
left off at. Oh well, I think it’ll do it anyway.

I’ve been back up to my old doings–making pouches!


I got a huge wave of inspiration to start working on them the other
night, and I finished them all up this morning. It was nice to get a
big batch done all at once. The assembly line method works wonders.


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