Yum! Mr. Monkeysuit does felt cupcakes

3 April, 2007

These look delicious! In my mind, the frosting and decorations are made of marzipan. Just divine!


mr. monkeysuit: felt cupcakes

Back in November I made some felt cupcakes for Floyd’s cafe and a fellow blogger said she would like some for her daughter. Well four months later, and here they are ….or at least most of them. Of course, I haven’t finished them, of course not. I still have a couple of the larger ones left to finish but they are almost done now and soon the little swap we have arranged will be ready.
I love getting involved in swaps. It is neat to think of your things half way round the world (or even a few streets away) being played with by some crafty mama’s kids or even by the crafty mama herself. It kind of reminds me of keeping pen-pals in the 1970’s. Does that even exist anymore ? Perhaps the advent of the internet makes the idea of sending letters round the world to people you have never met before seem redundant. Ironically and fortunately the craft-blog world has reinvented it through swapping and I think that is so cool. I love that these will be in someone else’s little daidokoro, cocina, kuche, cuisine or cozinha and I may never meet the person who receives them but there is an invisible thread that connects us.


One Response to “Yum! Mr. Monkeysuit does felt cupcakes”

  1. rosie Says:

    I really enjoy reading your site! You have a bit of everything! Happy easter to you!

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