look at me! i made these!

10 April, 2007

A lined purse with a squared bottom, and craft-weight interfacing. I think next time, I’d face the lining too, or use a heavier interfacing. This is my favorite fabric ever, which I bought at Joann’s on clearance 4 years ago, immediately wanted more of, and have never found since.

I made this craft apron to wear around the house or at girl’s night out for keeping all my stuff at hand. I used heavy brown canvas on one side and this great cowboy fabric on the other.

I made this bunny for mom for easter, from a pattern here. Things I learned:

  • little ‘x’s for eyes aren’t nearly as nice looking as french knots would have been, but I don’t know how to make them yet
  • when stuffing a toy with lots of long narrow bits, start somewhere in the middle instead of at the end of one of the long narrow bits
  • if you get to the end of a strand of floss, and think your bunny will look OK with only two whiskers on one side of his face, you are wrong

One Response to “look at me! i made these!”

  1. mermaids Says:

    that is definitely a great fabric on your bag. why can’t i ever find nifty things like that at joanns?!?!


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