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How to sew a cat basket

31 May, 2007


Link to il Bloggo » Blog Archive » How to sew a cat basket

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? no real pattern, but easy-to-follow instructions
  • Post: How to Sew a Cat Basket
  • Main Site: il Bloggo
  • Artist/Author: iHanna
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  • Free? Yes
  • Miss Twiss: Hustle Bustle Skirt

    29 May, 2007

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, with purchase
    • Post: Hustle Bustle
    • Main Site: Miss Twiss
    • Artist/Author: Miss Twiss
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? No, and currently sold out. Edit July 16, 2007: Now available for $10 from her etsy shop.

    Miss Twiss has some lovely free tutorials, too:

    A Petticoat for the Ages

    29 May, 2007

    Project Name

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes. Excellent instructions, charts, photos
  • Post: A Petticoat for the Ages
  • Main Site: The AntiCraft
  • Artist/Author: Beth Skwarecki
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • Excerpt from site:
  • Although you can make this petticoat as a skirt to wear to work or school, its main utility is in its usefulness for the time-traveler. Say your future self invents a time machine, and comes back to offer you a ride in it, say next week. Maybe the two of you want to visit the Renaissance, or maybe you’re thinking Victorian. And maybe you want to stop and see the American Colonies on the way back, or drop in on a Sock Hop. I know what you’re thinking – what do I wear? And more importantly, what do I wear under it?

    Just as a space traveler’s best friend is his towel, a time traveler’s best friend is her petticoat. Fashions come and go, but for a good 400 years or so they all required some floofiness under your skirt. And before some wise woman discovered pants, a warm fluffy petticoat was the best way to keep your legs from getting cold in the winter.

    DIYnamite: let’s create » Kitten bonnet

    28 May, 2007

    side view of hat

    Link to DIYnamite: let’s create » Kitten bonnet

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, very basic instuctions; hardest part is getting the bonnet on the kitty
    • Post: Kitten Bonnet
    • Main Site: DIYnamite
    • Artist/Author: DIYnamite
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes

    Top-Notch Tote Tutorial at What’s That Gonna Be?

    27 May, 2007


    How to make a felt bag at

    27 May, 2007



    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes; for detailed instructions, select ‘view all steps’
    • Post: how to make a felt bag
    • Main Site: burdastyle
    • Artist/Author: Johanna
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes

    Etsy Labs: Go Make Yourself Something Nice

    27 May, 2007

    This t-shirt to halter reconstruction looks simple and elegant. I imagine I’ll have to play around with the triangles to cover my somewhat-more-generous bosom.

    Lions, Crocs, and Water Buffalo, oh my!

    27 May, 2007

    Click here to watch this 8:23 video of African wildlife.

    This video has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to my blog. Watch it anyway. It’s amazing!

    Playing with Pins Pincushion tutorial

    27 May, 2007


  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? with purchase of magazine
  • Post: playing with pins
  • Main Site: HELLOmynameisHeather
  • Artist/Author: Heather Bailey
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Almost; magazine purchase required
  • Heather rocks, and has a pincushion tutorial in the Summer 2007 issue of Quilts and More. She designs Freshcut™ fabric for Free Spirit. And, she’s insanely pretty.

    Heart Wallet

    27 May, 2007

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, on second page of topic
  • Post
  • Main Site:
  • Artist/Author: miserylovesme
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • making hand-bound eyelet holes

    27 May, 2007

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, click on full view
  • Post:
  • Main Site: deviantART
  • Artist/Author: Kathelyne
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • Marshmallow Peep Plush-torial

    27 May, 2007

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, must download zip file
  • Post:
  • Main Site: deviantART
  • Artist/Author: *VesteNotus
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • sleeper of a bag

    27 May, 2007

    Sleeper of a Bag on

    I only need to find a cute vintage pillowcase now!


  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes
  • Post: sleeper of a bag
  • Main Site: Martha Stewart
  • Artist/Author: Martha Stewart
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  • Free? Yes
  • Green Halter Dress

    27 May, 2007

    silver lamé bikini top

    27 May, 2007

    Tutorial: Paisley Necktie Schoolbag

    27 May, 2007

    Tutorial: Paisley Necktie Schoolbag

    Love this!

    Bonjour Bear Free Pattern

    26 May, 2007

    According to,

    In France, we have an expression when something is easy to do. We say “simple as Bonjour” (easy as pie !).
    So, “Bonjour” is the name of this 8.5 inches teddy bear who is really easy to make with our free teddy bear pattern.
    French bear artist Laurence Veron of website created this pattern especially for the beginners.

    Free teddy bear pattern

    Bonjour Teddy bear

    Sunny Day Dress and Top Tutorial at House on Hill Road

    26 May, 2007

    Erin at House on Hill Road is just so stinking talented!

    Sunny Day Dress and Top Tutorial


    Creepy Voodoo Doll Pincushion at Craftzine

    24 May, 2007

    Love it! Certifiably sick. (go to site for pics)

    Craft – Volume 2 (Look Inside)

    Bird Sachet Tutorial at Scent of Water

    23 May, 2007

    Scent of Water has made this lovely scented bird pillow. Looks super easy for a quick gift.

    Lavender Scented Bird Pillow

    Scented Bird Pillow « the scent of water

    Cotton Blouse with Lace Detail

    23 May, 2007

    This pretty top has a pattern and tutorial, but no sizing information. For the experienced drafter. By PerachYafeh at craftster.

    Cotton Blouse with Lace detail

    Awesome wrap skirt tutorial, including how to draft pattern

    23 May, 2007

    Super excellent reversible wrap skirt drafting and sewing tutorials at Sew, Mama, Sew!, by Bethany at Bitter Betty Blogs.

    Updated with additional fabric cutting requirements.

    Two really cute t-shirt mods by betty_death at craftster

    23 May, 2007

    b/w striped top and lacey long tank top (lots o’ pics, plus a tutorial)

    Free Tutorial for Tunturi Hat and Balaclava at Extreme Materials and Gear

    23 May, 2007

    Example pic of a finished hat.

    Shelby Kaava – #403 Tunturi Hat

    The Shelby Tunturi Hat gives high-performance for all conditions in three different flavours
    depending on your style. This design is perfect for leftover fleece pieces from other
    projects, and especially warm with windproof fleece. Designed for active people, helmet
    compatible. Includes sizes XS-XL.

    another fabu tutorial at belle epoque

    22 May, 2007

    Super cute tote made with bias tape!

    belle epoque – » Bias Tape Tote Tute