Criss Cross Coaster

12 May, 2007

The only one in my first batch that turned out half-way decently. I made it from the pattern here:

Next time, I’m going to use bigger seems so I can catch all the edges of all the layers.


2 Responses to “Criss Cross Coaster”

  1. joanie Says:

    Melissa, I’ve lost your email when my computer bit the dust. I’m sorry to hear of your computer problems. If you’re still online I hope you get this. I have a Funny softie bunny pattern online at the moment thought you might want to put it up.
    If you can’t use your own computer maybe you can borrow one and put up a donations section on your site. If you are having problems and on disability there are loads of very generous people in blogland. I was offline for 2 months and borrowed a friends computer a couple of times to check email. I felt cut off from the world yet also quite liberated.
    Good luck!

  2. joanie Says:

    Melissa, forgot to mention how much I love the colours of these coasters, You’ve inspired me to try and make some for a friends birthday.

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