Wild Things from Wild Ginger

16 May, 2007

Wild Things is a fantastic free download from Wild Ginger with adjustable patterns for hats, bags, footwear, and accessories. It’s a must have! They have a not-free program called Pattern Master, which provides adjustable patterns for clothes, which I’d love to get my hands on, and several other pattern-making programs.

From the Wild Things website:

Wild Things!

Free Software to Easily Design and Print Patterns for Hats, Bags & Other Fun Stuff

Wild Things! is a fully functional FREE program for drafting patterns for hats, bags, wraps, and footwear.

All of the patterns in Wild Things print to the dimensions you specify.

It even has embroidery design planning tools to aid you in creating unique accessories for yourself and others. You can specify the dimensions for each item to draft accessories for your needs.

Wild Things! comes complete with a Help file to aid you in using the new tools as well as sewing instructions for each and every style that drafts.

Wild Things! can only be downloaded from our website and is not supported through our telephone technical support staff. If you have comments or questions about Wild Things!, please send us a note to support@wildginger.com



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