Miss Twiss: Hustle Bustle Skirt

29 May, 2007

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, with purchase
  • Post: Hustle Bustle
  • Main Site: Miss Twiss
  • Artist/Author: Miss Twiss
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? No, and currently sold out. Edit July 16, 2007: Now available for $10 from her etsy shop.

Miss Twiss has some lovely free tutorials, too:


3 Responses to “Miss Twiss: Hustle Bustle Skirt”

  1. Miss Twiss Says:

    Hi, just a note to sa:

    The Hustle Bustle Pattern is available for purchase at my etsy site.

  2. cathy huth Says:

    how do i get the knit in chunks pattern, the pringle one?

  3. melissa Says:

    cathy: I’m not the designer of the knit-in-chunks pattern, you are looking for miss twiss. this is a link to all the posts on her site with that label. if you don’t find what you need there, you might try asking her directly!


    all the best, melissa

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