Totally Stitchin’ – Projects – Sarong Wrap Pants

13 June, 2007

 Sarong Wrap Pants

Totally Stitchin’ – Projects – Sarong Wrap Pants

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, pdf
  • Post: Sarong Wrap Pants
  • Main Site: totally stitchin’ from baby lock
  • Artist/Author: totally stitchin’ from baby lock
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • Other: “With just a few easy steps, you can turn two squares of fabric and some ribbon into this season’s comfiest trend – a pair of sarong wrap pants!”
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    3 Responses to “Totally Stitchin’ – Projects – Sarong Wrap Pants”

    1. Elizabeth Hise Says:

      Hi there!

      I work with Baby Lock and Totally Stitchin’ — I came across this blog post today. Just wanted to let you know about a contest Totally Stitchin’ is sponsoring called Take This Craft and Sew It. You can make one of three projects: a clutch, an MP3 player cover, or a project of your choice. So easy and so fun… You can even post a photo of your project on the site. Just go into a Baby Lock retailer and pick up the starter kit. Visit for more info.

      I’m definitely subscribing to this blog… Well done!

    2. Rhonda Says:


      Can someone tell me if this site is not working? I have tried to access it with two different browsers. I am wanting the pattern for the sarong wrap pants and am unable to access it.

      I appreciate any help you can give me. Please feel free to email me @


    3. melissa Says:


      I just tried the site and it does appear to be down, currently. I was on it earlier today and downloaded some other projects, so it HAS been working recently, and probably will again.

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