Wallet-Sized Fold-Up Re-Usable Shopping Bag

1 September, 2007


  • Tutorial/Pattern Included?  Yes
  • Post: wallet-sized fold-up re-usable shopping bag
  • Main Site: http://whipup.net
  • Artist/Author: Karla is a Montessori teacher who lives in Sausalito, California with her husband. In her free time she enjoys shopping at thrift stores and transforming her finds into new creations. You can find photos of her work at flickr.
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • Other: You can stash this wallet sized bag in your purse and have it ready whenever you go to the store.
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    One Response to “Wallet-Sized Fold-Up Re-Usable Shopping Bag”

    1. Kathy Buirge Says:

      I love this bag! I’ve been making them at the Alaska State Fair, and gave the website to the people who were interested in what I was doing. Members of our quilt guild do demos during the Fair and I chose this as the item I’d demonstrate.
      We also have a booth where we sell quilts and quilted items. May we have permission to make and sell your bags at the Alaska State Fair next year? Also, may I teach the bag to guild members at our retreat and at shops?
      We will abide by your decision.
      thanks, Kathy

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