Creative Blogs

6 September, 2007

I’m very pleased to say that Kim over at Creative Blogs has singled me out as her blog of the day. Not only that, but she dug deeply enough through it to find 2 photos of some of the things I’ve made instead of one of the other blogs I’ve been focusing on so much lately. Kim has featured some very creative and inspiring blogs at her site, so I’m really excited to be among them.

Kim has a personal blog that’s pretty darned interesting, too! She’s from the Pacific Northwest, so you know she’s cool. And smart. And probably beautiful, too.

Thanks again Kim!


5 Responses to “Creative Blogs”

  1. michelle Says:

    Congratulations! It’s well deserved. I know I’ve learned loads from you the short bit I’ve been here.

  2. kim in Camas Says:

    I don’t know how smart I am, but boy am I beautiful! 🙂

    Are you from the NW?

    Love your site!

  3. brandy Says:

    I looooove your blog! So helpful!

  4. June Says:

    How wonderful and such a great affirmation to what you do and present to all of us–congratulations!

  5. melissa Says:

    thank you to all of you.

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