Make Fabric Labels

8 September, 2007


  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
  • Post: Make Fabric Labels
  • Main Site:
  • Artist/Author: allyson hill
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • via: i have to say
  • Other: allyson also has a fabulous tutorial for a wipe-clean fabric coaster
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    3 Responses to “Make Fabric Labels”

    1. Karen Says:

      Thats awesome !! I only have made for you by mommy labels and they just don’t work anymore. Yours are chic!

    2. […] Nedan: en bild från beskrivningen hur man gör egna tags på till kläder. […]

    3. Joana Says:

      I wanted a good makers of labels for my garments factory as the previous contractor had an unreliable delivery. Then I came across the Nation bright industries, these guys were good. I got quality, and they cooperated with me until I got the designs that I liked the most. They are simply great, I don’t suffer anymore losses as a consequence of slacking on either delivery or quality. You can find them online at

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