only just barely craft-related: greyhounds

17 November, 2007

We’ve been approved to adopt a retired racing greyhound and hope to pick one out in the next few weeks, so now I’ll be needing free patterns for winter clothes for that specific breed. Anyone out there know of any? Or have any non-crafty-related tips for new greyhound owners? We’ve been reading books and websites like crazy, but I’d love to hear your personal experiences.


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  1. Kathy Says:

    I have tagged a pattern for a greyhound shrug, booties, collar and coat — they are somewhere in my Petcraft tags on

    I did a quick look, but found I have tons of things tagged there and dont’ have time to go through them right now. There is one tagged greyhound, but that’s not the one I’m talking about.

    Here is a link to a sweater someone made for their greyhound. They haven’t posted a pattern, but you might be able to figure it out:

  2. Kathy Says:

    Oops — it bugged me that I couldn’t find the link. Turns out it was still in my Firefox bookmarks waiting to get moved over to my account.

    Everything greyhound here:

  3. twiddletails Says:

    We’ve been thinking about doing just that for quite a while. They’re such beautiful and peaceful animals.

  4. Peggy Ruedi Says:

    We have a nearly 5 yr old retired grey. Our Marine son adopted him in TX when the dog was 2. He got transferred and couldn’t keep his dog. Mom and Dad got him. It’s been a learning experience. We’d had a Whippet which is another sighthound, so we knew it’s absolutely necessary to keep them on a leash. (Although we occasionally let him run on a protected beach.) One thing I’d heard and that is very true. It takes about a year for them to learn to be a pet. Reagan’s personality is completely different now than it was when he came to us about three months after he left the track. Our friends said it seemed like he needed antidepressants. Now he’s developed quite a fun loving and family loving attitude. He loves to go in the car. In fact, he likes to be in the car when it’s in the garage, so he’s sure he won’t be left. This is a breed that needs lots of exercise. We walk everyday for several miles or more. Their feet are tender though. If he runs on the beach his feet get raw. He doesn’t walk well on gravelly roads or trails. We absolutely love him. Good luck!

  5. maria Says:

    I have had 2 retired racers–I still have one, and the other lived to be 15. They are sweet animals and it is so great that you are taking a retired racer–here in MA they really need good homes–I am sure it is like that everywhere.
    Like all breeds, they have little quirks, but we really found that it was so rewarding helping them transition to their new life in a home rather than in a cage. I honestly believe they appreciate it.
    I have found that people expect them to be hyper and they are (or mine are) quite the opposite–they are indeed couch potatos and very laid back. My family has done quite a bit of work volunteering to get greyhounds adopted, so we have met quite a few of these dogs-and they really are something special. There is even a magazine called Celebrating Greyhounds that is all about them.
    Lots of crafty opportunities!! One thing you could do is a special collar–sighthounds usually wear a special type of colloar–we did some pretty tapestry ones for our girls–makes them look very regal (plus a matching leash–very nice). Fleece coats and blankets are real helpful too–they have thin skin and no fat at all–so a little buffer against the cold is needed.
    Feel free to email me with any questions you might have, I would be more than happy to discuss pups or crafts!

  6. Wendy Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve seen several greyhounds at the high school track getting some exercise off leash with the gates cloed. Something to think about if you’re looking for a place to really let them run.

  7. Amy Says:

    I’m no help on the crafty front, but just wanted to tell you that my best friend adopted a former racing greyhound and while he’s a bit… needy, shall we say, he is one of the best, most sweet and loving dogs I’ve ever known. I know your new pet will be a wonderful addition to your family.

  8. Patty Says:

    Congratulations on getting approved! And, thanks for choosing to adopt a dog, especially this time of year when most people wants a puppy. I hope you’ll post some pictures of your new family member once she/he gets here.

  9. Deva Says:

    I don’t have any new links to add, but I have made coats from the linked pages and they turn out great.

    I am head over heels in love with my greyhound, and I wish you the best of luck getting one that fits your family.

    Feel free to email with specific questions. A really great support forum is

  10. kim Says:

    we just recently adopted a greyhound and it has been wonderful!!
    first, let me say, our greyhound went through a obedience training program at a correctional facility. our dog’s name is adam and he is 3. he was forced to retire due to behavior issues. we also have cats and he gets along wonderful with them. i dont know what behavior issues he had at the track and it doesnt matter, he is great with us.
    i have a couple sites for greyhound items and i have bought all of adam’s clothes from ebay. the best deals and the best clothing i have found are from ebay seller- heatamor

    pedigree search ( requires tattoo markings from inside the ears)

  11. Peggy Says:

    Is there anyone out there besides me who wonders why there have been no postings recently? I’ve loved this blog. I wish it would be updated.

  12. melissa Says:

    Thanks for the kick in the ass, Peggy. I’ve been a little overwhelmed, but things are looking a little less hectic now. I’ve got tons of things to post, just need to get around to it.

  13. Mary Beth Says:

    Congratulations!! It’s so wonderful that you are giving a retired greyhound a home!! Good karma is coming your way!!

  14. Claudia Says:

    Sorry, I have no patterns but I wanted to express my congratulations to you!!!!

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