How To Read a Sewing Pattern

3 February, 2008


  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
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  • Main Site: BurdaStyle
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  • Free? Yes
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  • Other: "Just starting to use patterns? We know some people are hesitant to use patterns, but it’s really quite easy! Everything you need to know is right on the pattern, and once you start, you’ll never stop! So now that you’ve got your pattern laid out, learn what all those marks on the pattern mean. The Key to Symbols that comes in every pattern tries its best to explain, but this How To might make it even easier to understand."
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    3 Responses to “How To Read a Sewing Pattern”

    1. Christy Says:

      For me even this tutorial is difficult to understand. It’s not intuitive for me and I don’t understand where things fold and what I’m sewing or cutting. I’m struggling. I so badly want to learn to sew and yet I feel quite frustrated.

    2. melissa Says:

      Christy, I’m sorry you’re feeling frustrated. I will try soon to find something on the web that may be more useful for you.

    3. agent 64 Says:

      I have no idea what the terms mean and they don’t explain?! What the hell is grain? Grain is corn, wheat or rice? I don’t see any of that in my fabric.

      What the heck is selvage. Then they start telling you to fold the fabric (why? how) and to not cut around these arrows but those arrows to be laid against the grain? (Where’s the oats at?)

      And so on and so forth. I have a VERY EASY pattern and I can’t make heads or tails of it! And I just bought a sewing machine, thread, fabric, pins, needles, chalk the works!

      And now what do I do? We’re brand new beginners and the sites for beginners are confusing the hell out of us and don’t help either they explain one complicated word with yet another complicated word! :-/

      Oh where to turn for help?!

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