Embroidery Mega Post

5 February, 2008

Because I want to learn embroidery, I’ve been looking for good sites on the subject. Hope you find them useful too. These are the results from today’s search. Please add any favorite links of your own in the comments.

Free Patterns

Stitches and Stitch Libraries




8 Responses to “Embroidery Mega Post”

  1. mycraftyways Says:

    awesome post !
    Thanks so much for sharing this information.
    Embroidery threads of all kinds are waiting to be used, now I’ll know where to start !

    Have a nice day !

  2. mycraftyways Says:

    One thing I just remembered : the DMC site has a lot of free projects for different embroidery techniques. You have to register but It’s pretty fast.

  3. Kim U Says:

    Thanks for all the links! I’ve been taking a few baby steps into picking up embroidery, this post definitely helps.

  4. joanie Says:

    Great list, will love cruising through the sources for tips & tricks!

  5. […] 26, 2008 von strumpfbina bei myhalfofthebrain eine Zusammenstellung diverser Internet […]

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