The Pearl Rucksake[sic]

2 July, 2008


  • Post: The Pearl Rucksake[sic]
  • Main Site: Tissuepapers
  • Artist/Author: Tissuepaper
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    • in my next life, I want to be the woman in these pictures – is this YOU tissuepaper?
    • this is really a fabulous pattern and I can’t wait to make it. I have some wonderful yardage of dupioni silk in turquoise and purple. I think I’ll have to make a muslin first, and see if I can make the bag entirely reversible.  I wonder how long I need to make the handle if I want it to go over my shoulder and across my chest?

    2 Responses to “The Pearl Rucksake[sic]”

    1. Hello – Yes this is me!! My husband took the picture for me. I was standing in the corner of my little home!! thanks for the link too!!!
      Talk soon
      LIsa – Tissuepaper

    2. Hi. I think this woman looks so elegant and pretty. She is very nice too. As she sent me a pattern to drawn to my size . The bag is quite nice I haeve to make it if I can find the time. Nice pattern. And as for this site “My half of the brain” well it’s just fantstik, since we can get whatever we may need. It’s just great. Thanks for all your hard work

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