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How to Reverse-Applique a Tote Bag

14 June, 2008


  • Post: How to Reverse-Applique a Tote Bag
  • Main Site: CraftSylish
  • Artist/Author: Diane Gilleland
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  • Other: all kinds of crafty tutorial goodness at her blog, craftypod

    • Hyena In Petticoats: Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial

      3 September, 2007

       cathedral window quilt

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
    • Post: Hyena In Petticoats: Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial
    • Main Site: This is the blog formerly known as paper.string.cloth
    • Artist/Author: Hyena In Petticoats, Adelaide, Australia.I am a twenty-something, bad mouthed bartender from South Australia. With an Art History degree under my belt, I am out to single handedly tackle the world armed with a sewing machine. Gin and Tonic in hand, I aim to create handmade and unique items that celebrate their imperfection and ooze creative freedom. My stuffed toys are available in my Etsy shop….. I use a Nikon D40 digital SLR with the kit lens.
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    • Other: I think this pattern makes such a beautiful quilt, and it makes a great take-along project when you’re on the go.
    • making perfect circles or other shapes

      24 August, 2007


    • Tutorial/Pattern Included?  Yes
    • Post: Making Perfect Circles or Other Shapes
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: Beth Howard
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    • Other: Beth says:

      I’m always coming up with ideas for quilts that involve curves or otherwise un-patchworkable pieces. This it the best way I know to precisely attach shapes to one another without hand stitching it (which is also rewarding, just not so fast)

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      • Anna Maria Horner: Puppy love

        22 August, 2007

      • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
      • Post: Anna Maria Horner: Puppy love
      • Main Site:
      • Artist/Author: Anna Maria Horner
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      • Other: .jpg–anna maria suggests resizing the silhouette to make a cake or a coin purse!