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Spock Ears Knitting Pattern

29 June, 2008


  • Post: Yarn Songs
  • Main Site: Yarn Songs
  • Artist/Author: Josie
  • Registration Required?: No
  • Free?: Yes
  • Via: Craftzine
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    • Mexican Dress

      28 June, 2008

      image image

    • Post: Mexican Dress
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: “the Mexican Dress Lady”
    • Registration Required?: No
    • Free?: No, but nearly! $5.00 for pdf download
    • Via:
    • Other: In my family, we’ve always called these Mexican wedding dresses—in fact, my not-at-all Latina mother wore one at her wedding in 1980

      • Statue of Liberty Cat Hat and Torch

        21 June, 2008


      • Post: International Cat Hat: USA
      • Main Site: Spindles and Spices
      • Artist/Author: wildtomato
      • Registration Required?: No
      • Free?: Yes
      • Via:
      • Other: I’m including the rare knitted pattern because it’s just too cute not to feature! and OMG there are other international cat hats from France (Beret), Japan (ninja mask), Thailand, and Turkey (fez)!

        • Mermaid Costume for dolls or babies

          15 June, 2008


        • Post: Mermaids, & more importantly, the Merbaby.
        • Main Site: Angry Chicken
        • Artist/Author: Amy
        • Registration Required?: No
        • Free?: Yes
        • Via:
        • Other: I just love how sweet the pattern is:
        • image

          Dog Dress With Pattern : Home & Garden Television

          19 September, 2007


        • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
        • Post: At Home : Other : Dog Dress With Pattern : Home & Garden Television
        • Main Site:
        • Artist/Author: By Jenny Kitchens,
        • Registration Required? No
        • Free? Yes
        • via:
        • Other: Dress up your dog with adorable custom dog clothing you can make yourself. This free dog dress pattern was originally designed for a Chihuahua, but can be modified to fit larger breeds.
        • Etsy :: 4 Festive Thanksgiving Patterns – Knitting Patterns

          12 September, 2007


        • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
        • Post: 4 Festive Thanksgiving Patterns – Knitting Patterns
        • Main Site: etsy
        • Artist/Author: angelacatirina
        • Registration Required? No
        • Free? No–$17.50, includes three other patterns
        • via: craftzine
        • Other: OK, so it’s not free, and it’s knitting, which I normally don’t feature. But how could I not include this Sexy Turkey Hat? Pattern set also includes Turkey Tea cozy, Autumn Harvest Hat, and Pretty Pumpkin Tea Cozy. Patterns are by .pdf download, so you can have immediate gratification!
        • A Petticoat for the Ages

          29 May, 2007

          Project Name

        • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes. Excellent instructions, charts, photos
        • Post: A Petticoat for the Ages
        • Main Site: The AntiCraft
        • Artist/Author: Beth Skwarecki
        • Registration Required? No
        • Free? Yes
        • Excerpt from site:
        • Although you can make this petticoat as a skirt to wear to work or school, its main utility is in its usefulness for the time-traveler. Say your future self invents a time machine, and comes back to offer you a ride in it, say next week. Maybe the two of you want to visit the Renaissance, or maybe you’re thinking Victorian. And maybe you want to stop and see the American Colonies on the way back, or drop in on a Sock Hop. I know what you’re thinking – what do I wear? And more importantly, what do I wear under it?

          Just as a space traveler’s best friend is his towel, a time traveler’s best friend is her petticoat. Fashions come and go, but for a good 400 years or so they all required some floofiness under your skirt. And before some wise woman discovered pants, a warm fluffy petticoat was the best way to keep your legs from getting cold in the winter.

          5 free period patterns

          22 May, 2007

          Period patterns by a very talented cat. Some of the patterns are in progress.


          A Swiss Waist, c. 1860
          A Corset, c. 1820-1840
          A Bodice, c. 1880
          A Middy Blouse, c. 1915
          A Pleated Skirt, c. 1915

          How to make a kilt

          21 May, 2007

          Kilt layout
          Making a kilt