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Recycled Felt

28 June, 2008



From Crafting in a Green World, Skye Kilaen writes about Recycled Felt (and More) from Hart’s Fabric:


EcoSpun felt is made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles. It’s sold in a 72″ width for $5.99 a yard with a minimum order of one yard.

PET, in case you were wondering, is polyethylene terephthalate. PET is the plastic used to make #1 bottles. There are issues with plastic recycling, and I’d rather see fewer plastic bottles made and used in the first place, but since they exist I’m glad there are some options for using them to make new products.

Here are the color choices for EcoSpun felt: blue, yellow, gold, orange, baby pink, shocking pink, fuschia, red, ruby, baby blue, cadet blue, royal blue, navy, grape, orchid, purple, apple green, pirate green, kelly green, white, antique white, cashmere tan, cocoa brown, silver grey, charcoal, and black.

They also carry organic cotton and organic cotton blends (woven, stretch jersey knit, fleece, several lovely colors of canvas, and terry), hemp and hemp blends in some nice warm colors, and eco-friendly pillow forms and batting.

Crafting a Green World is a new-to-me site that will go straight into my feed reader, and Hart’s Fabric will go right to my favorites. Hooray for wonderful new sites!

fabric envelopes

19 June, 2008


  • Post: para pôr a correspondência em dia
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  • Other: tutorial pdf

    • Laptop Sleeve Mega Post—updated!

      18 June, 2008

      click on any image below to go directly to a tutorial for the laptop sleeve/case/cozy/cover. please let me know if you are aware of a tutorial I’ve missed.



















      Pattern for sleeve above is in MAKE: [magazine] 06: Robots, Page 27












      How About Orange: Iron-on vinyl coasters

      20 May, 2008

      Fabric Covered Magnets

      30 August, 2007

       fabric covered magnets

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included?  Yes
    • Post: Fabric Covered Magnets
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: n/a
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Jessica Jones had the original idea for fabric-covered thumbtacks. (See blog tutorial here).
    • Old School Acres: If the shoe fits–free baby shoes patterns

      24 August, 2007

      If the shoe fits, via old school acres

      The majority of hits to [her] blog are from searches for baby shoe patterns.  [She has] written about this topic before but [has] been adding to [her] collection since then.

      Free baby shoe/shoes patterns:
      1st step shoes (Japanese) for pattern click here (pdf)
      Bootie Pattern to Sew (pdf)
      3-seam baby footies
      Fleece Chinese slippers
      Fleece booties
      Tacky baby shoes
      Soft-sole leather baby shoes
      10-minute bootie pattern and instructions (very similar to the pattern I used for these)
      30-minute bootie pattern
      Heather Bailey’s Bitty Booties

      Pattern Bee vintage felt shoes

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes, links to 11 patterns for baby shoes
    • Post:
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: Laurie
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Some of Laurie’s own tutorials
    • the covered button

      22 August, 2007

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
    • Post: the covered button
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: rubycrownedkinglette
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: step by step instructions for covering a metal button…. tutorial also covers common mistakes and solutions
    • Disappearing 9 Patch Tutorial

      19 June, 2007


      Disappearing 9 Patch Tutorial

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes
    • Post: Disappearing 9 Patch Tutorial
    • Main Site: Quilts & ATCs
    • Artist/AuthorHelen in the UK
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Thanks to Amy at Ibby Bee Quilts for the pointer to this technique! See her beautiful blue and white variation here.
    • Valori Wells: Solé Quilt Pattern

      4 June, 2007


      Link to Valori Wells: Solé pattern

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes
    • Post: Solé Pattern (pdf) from Stitchin’ Post Solé Collection
    • Main Site: Stitchin’ Post
    • Artist/Author: Valori Wells
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Visit Valori’s new-ish blog at Valori Wells
    • Lady Harvatine: In the True Spirit of Whiplash: Confetti Miniature Quilt

      3 June, 2007

      Link to Lady Harvatine: In the True Spirit of Whiplash

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? tutorial for miniature quilt
    • Post: In the True Spirit of Whiplash: Confetti Quilt
    • Main Site: Lady Harvatine
    • Artist/Author: Lady Harvatine
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: I just LOVE Lady Harvatine’s quilts. I haven’t participated in whiplash before. I wonder what’s going on this month?
    • Playing with Pins Pincushion tutorial

      27 May, 2007


    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? with purchase of magazine
    • Post: playing with pins
    • Main Site: HELLOmynameisHeather
    • Artist/Author: Heather Bailey
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Almost; magazine purchase required
    • Heather rocks, and has a pincushion tutorial in the Summer 2007 issue of Quilts and More. She designs Freshcut™ fabric for Free Spirit. And, she’s insanely pretty.

      Hats! Hats! and More Hats!

      16 May, 2007

      Today I concentrate on free patterns and tutorials for hats made from fabric or felt. If you know of any I’ve not yet posted, please write a comment and I’ll include it in a new post.

      Sunshine’s Creations’ English Paper Piecing Tutorial

      13 May, 2007

      Thorough and well-illustrated tutorial on English Paper Piecing at Sunshine’s Creations.

      Other tutorials at her site:

      Heather Bailey’s YoYos

      13 May, 2007

      Fabulous yoyo-making tutorial from the amazingly talented Heather Bailey of HELLOmynameisHeather.

      Craft Apple’s Patchwork Cards Tutorial

      13 May, 2007


      Patchwork Cards Tutorial « Craft Apple

      There is also a good explanation about the difference between fusible interfacing and fusible webbing.

      fabric-covered thumbtack tutorial at How about orange…

      13 May, 2007

      How about orange…: Thumbtack tutorial

      One day I’ll live the life where every ordinary thing has been made extraordinary, like this thumbtacks.

      Tiny Happy’s Shoulder Bag Tutorial

      12 May, 2007

      I want to print this multiple-page project out while I’m learning to make it, but my computer/printer doesn’t want to print the pictures and text out correctly on consecutive pages. Does anyone know how to turn the images and instructions into a .pdf?

      tiny happy: shoulder bag tutorial


      Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial

      12 May, 2007

      Gloriana at Craftster has this wonderful tutorial for making a reversible tote bag

      Travel Tissue Holders

      12 May, 2007

      Here are five different travel tissue tutorials. Do you know of any more?

      3 Lined, Zippered Pouch Tutorials

      10 May, 2007

      1. by e.r.i.k.a. at

      2.  by laural at

      3. by anna at

      quitters only

      16 April, 2007

      I made Amy Butler Wide Leg Lounge Pants!!!

      16 April, 2007

      So yesterday morning I bought In Stitches, because I couldn’t spend another second without Amy Butler’s Wide Leg Lounge Pants. And yesterday afternoon I had two new pairs of pants!!! Made by me! Can you tell I’m excited? I’ve never sewn clothing before, and I did it! I made buttonholes! I made drawstrings! I sewed the right pattern pieces together! They fit!

      This pattern was super-easy for a newbie to follow. I’m 5’4″ and one hundred seventy five pounds 😐 and I used the large size, and when I put them on they were a nearly perfect fit. I added one half inch to the side of each leg for the second pair, for just a bit more room. The pattern has very long legs, so I took a bit of length off, and then sewed a wide hem (I figure I can let them out if I get taller–heh).

      Here is my first pair, made with a cornflower blue and cream cotton print. You may or may not be able to tell that they fit snugly across the hips:

      Here is my second pair, made with a funky cowboy cotton print, and with just a bit of looseness in the hips:

      And here are my next four pair, fresh from the fabric store!

      I love these pants! Maybe I am a little short and squat, but I feel like a movie star from the forties in them.

      look at me! i made these!

      10 April, 2007

      A lined purse with a squared bottom, and craft-weight interfacing. I think next time, I’d face the lining too, or use a heavier interfacing. This is my favorite fabric ever, which I bought at Joann’s on clearance 4 years ago, immediately wanted more of, and have never found since.

      I made this craft apron to wear around the house or at girl’s night out for keeping all my stuff at hand. I used heavy brown canvas on one side and this great cowboy fabric on the other.

      I made this bunny for mom for easter, from a pattern here. Things I learned:

      • little ‘x’s for eyes aren’t nearly as nice looking as french knots would have been, but I don’t know how to make them yet
      • when stuffing a toy with lots of long narrow bits, start somewhere in the middle instead of at the end of one of the long narrow bits
      • if you get to the end of a strand of floss, and think your bunny will look OK with only two whiskers on one side of his face, you are wrong

      Eggs in blue bowl, by jgcf

      25 February, 2007

      Eggs in blue bowl on Flickr by jgcf

      What a great idea!

      New Fabric!

      17 February, 2007

      At our favorite quilt store, if you go in on your birthday, you get a discount equal to 1/2 your age. Mom got a 31% discount today–you do the math.

      Mom bought me this lovely fabric by Valori Wells (whose name I always have to delete an ‘e’ from.) It’s pre-cut as a kit to make this quilt, but we couldn’t afford the pattern too, so I’ll have to wing it.

      I found another, free pattern downloadable from Free Spirit Fabric (the same fabric manufacturer) that may do the trick.