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Goodbye, Howard

19 May, 2007

I just learned today of the passing of Howard Bulson on May 7, my birthday.

You helped me find my voice, Howard. Thank you. I miss you very much.


bruised knees

8 February, 2007

T. over at borrowedboughtstolen posted a snippet of her morning, and I just thought it was so beautiful. Did you end up with the bagel or the banana and egg, T?

Borrowed, bought, stolen.: bruised knees.

Today as I was walking to work, before I had coffee and while I was
debating whether to have a bagel or a banana and hard boiled egg for
breakfast I missed a step, didn’t see the curb, tripped or just forgot
to put one foot in front of the other and fell on my face. It was right
in front of the huge sea of people walking towards me, all of them also
in a zombie like daze. I walk into this sea everyday, and I always
think about how I look to them, when I see someone crack a smile as I
walk by I wonder, is my fly down? I think about how my bright colored
clothing usually clashes with their blues and blacks. I’m wearing a
jean skirt and knee high socks today, and so lucky for me my knees got
all bloody as they scraped against the pavement. People ducked out of
the way, but one very nice woman stopped and made sure I was OK. She
had the kindest face and when I started laughing and told her my mind
was somewhere else she made some really sweet comment about how she was
clumsy too. We walked together until we got to her office. It was no
more than a 30 second interaction but after I left her I thought about
how I want to be like that, calm and kind and willing to talk to a
clumsy girl on the street so she doesn’t feel like a complete ass. That
made my day.