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Maternity Skirt

28 June, 2008


  • Post: Maternity Skirt Tutorial
  • Main Site: See Mommy Sew
  • Artist/Author:
  • Registration Required?: No
  • Free?: Yes
  • Via: whipup
  • Other: other tutorials

    • Peasant Skirt Instructions

      13 October, 2007

      peasant skirt


    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
    • Post: Peasant Skirt Instructions
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: jcaroline
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • via:
    • Other:
    • The Merry Church Mouse: The "Charming" Little Skirt

      8 September, 2007


    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
    • Post: The Merry Church Mouse: The "Charming" Little Skirt: A Tutorial
    • Main Site: The Merry Church Mouse
    • Artist/Author: Linda
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • via: i have to say
    • Other: made from 5" fabric charms
    • Vanessa Skirt at

      24 August, 2007


    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes
    • Post:
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: Benedikta
    • Registration Required? Yes, to download
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Pencil Skirt with Pleats (Vanessa 6002), difficulty rated 3/4. Large downloadable pdf pattern, and separate instructions
    • via: craftypod
    • Amy Butler Design–Nigella Yoga Bag

      13 June, 2007

      Amy Butler Design

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, pdf
    • Post: download free Amy Butler patterns in pdf format
    • Main Site: Amy Butler Design
    • Artist/Author: Amy Butler
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Other free patterns at this link:
    • Elemental Stitches: Tutorial: Change Your Winter Sweatpants into a Post-Workout Skirt

      8 June, 2007


    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, instructions
    • Post: Change Your Winter Sweatpants into a Post-Workout Skirt
    • Main Site: Elemental Stitches
    • Artist/Author: Elemental Stiches
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Other: Super-cute sweatpants mod.
    • thriftstore pillowcase skirt at

      1 June, 2007

      Link to – thriftstore pillowcase skirt

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? no real pattern, but excellent, easy-to-follow instructions for the beginning sewer
    • Post: thriftstore pillowcase skirt
    • Main Site:
    • Artist/Author: Leah Kramer
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Pillowcase Pencil Skirt

      1 June, 2007

      This is the image for the project

      Link to The ReadyMade Project Archive

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? no real pattern, but easy-to-follow instructions
    • Post: Pencil Skirt
    • Main Site: ReadyMade
    • Artist/Author: ReadyMade
    • Registration Required? Yes, requires first and last name, email
    • Free? Yes
    • Miss Twiss: Hustle Bustle Skirt

      29 May, 2007

      • Tutorial/Pattern Included? yes, with purchase
      • Post: Hustle Bustle
      • Main Site: Miss Twiss
      • Artist/Author: Miss Twiss
      • Registration Required? No
      • Free? No, and currently sold out. Edit July 16, 2007: Now available for $10 from her etsy shop.

      Miss Twiss has some lovely free tutorials, too:

      A Petticoat for the Ages

      29 May, 2007

      Project Name

    • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes. Excellent instructions, charts, photos
    • Post: A Petticoat for the Ages
    • Main Site: The AntiCraft
    • Artist/Author: Beth Skwarecki
    • Registration Required? No
    • Free? Yes
    • Excerpt from site:
    • Although you can make this petticoat as a skirt to wear to work or school, its main utility is in its usefulness for the time-traveler. Say your future self invents a time machine, and comes back to offer you a ride in it, say next week. Maybe the two of you want to visit the Renaissance, or maybe you’re thinking Victorian. And maybe you want to stop and see the American Colonies on the way back, or drop in on a Sock Hop. I know what you’re thinking – what do I wear? And more importantly, what do I wear under it?

      Just as a space traveler’s best friend is his towel, a time traveler’s best friend is her petticoat. Fashions come and go, but for a good 400 years or so they all required some floofiness under your skirt. And before some wise woman discovered pants, a warm fluffy petticoat was the best way to keep your legs from getting cold in the winter.

      Awesome wrap skirt tutorial, including how to draft pattern

      23 May, 2007

      Super excellent reversible wrap skirt drafting and sewing tutorials at Sew, Mama, Sew!, by Bethany at Bitter Betty Blogs.

      Updated with additional fabric cutting requirements.

      5 free period patterns

      22 May, 2007

      Period patterns by a very talented cat. Some of the patterns are in progress.


      A Swiss Waist, c. 1860
      A Corset, c. 1820-1840
      A Bodice, c. 1880
      A Middy Blouse, c. 1915
      A Pleated Skirt, c. 1915

      How to make a kilt

      21 May, 2007

      Kilt layout
      Making a kilt


      Twirly Skirt Tutorial at House on Hill Road

      12 May, 2007

      Erin has a totally fabulous tutorial for making a twirly skirt. It’s for kids, but I think I wanna make it in my size! Kids always get the cutest things…it’s no fair

      Twirly Skirt

      pleated skirt with instructions

      10 May, 2007

      for a more experienced sewer: laural at thimble arts and crafts blog has pictures and instructions for making a pretty pleated skirt–no pattern or measurements included, but those more skilled than beginning-sewer-me should have no trouble at all.

      Dani24’s Wraparound Skirt

      10 May, 2007

      dani24 has posted a great wraparound skirt tutorial at

      Drafting a Basic A-line Skirt

      10 May, 2007


      Katrin at Sew-Mad has a fabulous tutorial on making a personalized a-line skirt pattern. Also includes basic instructions for sewers with some experience.

      Dana’s Patternless A-line Skirt

      10 May, 2007

      pictures and instructions here

      Bias tape is a skirt’s best friend

      10 May, 2007

      excellent tutorial on hemming skirts with bias tape, from Becka’s Project Journals