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Thank You, Suzical!

19 July, 2008

When I look at my blog stats, one referrer is almost always near or at the top of the list. Suzical maintains the amazing BIG LIST of SEWING BLOGS, and it must get tons and tons of traffic, because a small but not insignificant portion of it is coming my way. Thanks for maintaining the list, Suzi, and for having me on it.

By the way, in addition to THE LIST, Suzi herself has a blog, and a tutorial for an iPod cozy—it’s a super easy and well photographed tutorial, that could be easily adapted to other electronics.

Thanks again, Suzi, for all the new readers you bring my way.

Thank you

10 February, 2008

I’ve just gone through the comments requiring moderation and my spam filter, and found some lovely comments that hadn’t gotten forwarded to my email. Though I may not reply to them all, you can be sure that they inspire me to continue looking for and posting all the crafty tutorial goodness I can find.

Creative Blogs

6 September, 2007

I’m very pleased to say that Kim over at Creative Blogs has singled me out as her blog of the day. Not only that, but she dug deeply enough through it to find 2 photos of some of the things I’ve made instead of one of the other blogs I’ve been focusing on so much lately. Kim has featured some very creative and inspiring blogs at her site, so I’m really excited to be among them.

Kim has a personal blog that’s pretty darned interesting, too! She’s from the Pacific Northwest, so you know she’s cool. And smart. And probably beautiful, too.

Thanks again Kim!