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Designer Doggie Duds: Leash and Neck Scarf

8 May, 2008


  • Post: DIY Style :: Projects :: Designer Doggie Duds
  • Main Site: DIY Style
  • Artist/Author: ?
  • Registration Required?: No
  • Free?: Yes
  • Via:
  • Other: tutorial includes a vodcast (video)

  • morsbags sociable guerilla bagging

    10 July, 2007


    morsbags sociable guerilla bagging

  • Tutorial/Pattern Included? Yes, instructions (.pdf or .doc) and video
  • Post:
  • Main Site:
  • Artist/Author: Pol Morsman
  • Registration Required? No
  • Free? Yes
  • Other: sociable guerilla bagging–join (or create) a pod to make these simple re-useable shopping bags, then give them away free to shoppers! UK-based, but new pods are popping up all over the world!
  • Also: flash version of website here
  • Lions, Crocs, and Water Buffalo, oh my!

    27 May, 2007

    Click here to watch this 8:23 video of African wildlife.

    This video has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to my blog. Watch it anyway. It’s amazing!

    Sewing on a Button

    10 May, 2007

    found via Sewing Success Sewing Blog

    direct link to video from threadbanger (2:08)
    direct link to video from videojug (2:52)

    Quilt Binding with a No-Show Joint–Video

    10 May, 2007


    found via

    home page of originating site:

    direct link to video (6:09)