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Embroidered Receipt

14 July, 2008


  • Post: Receipt
  • Main Site: Frances Trombly
  • Artist/Author: Frances Trombly
  • Registration Required?: No
  • Free?: not a tutorial, I just have it here for your embroidorial stupefication (of course I made those words up, silly)
  • Via: Craft, via Creativadoration
  • Other: are you kidding me? this is freaking amazing!!!

    • Sugar Skull Softies

      15 June, 2008


    • Post: Sugar Skull Softies
    • Main Site: alicia policia
    • Artist/Author: alicia
    • Registration Required?: No
    • Free?: No, damn it!
    • Via:
    • Other: Sold out! An announcement at her etsy store says she’s got more coming. And, she lives in the coolest city ever, which I miss like crazy.

      • Andrea Dezsö Illustration

        8 May, 2008


      • Post: Embroidery 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
      • Main Site: Andrea Dezsö Illustration
      • Artist/Author: Andrea Dezsö
      • Registration Required?: No
      • Free?: n/a
      • Via:
      • Other: Not a tutorial or pattern, but 7 pages of really awesome and inspiring embroidery by Andrea Dezsö. You’ll also find many, many pages of her other genres of art.
        • “Some of the most interesting works reinvigorate the tradition of the sampler, a piece of embroidery that offers a religious or moral saying.(…) The Romanian artist Andrea Dezso has embroidered 48 cotton squares with bits of Transylvanian folk wisdom passed down from her mother. One square suggests, “You can get hepatitis from a handshake,” while another claims, “Men will like me more if I pretend to be less smart.” Each warning or cautionary tale is accompanied by a small, equally humorous illustration.” ––The New York Times

        “It’s just not fun playing tea party with a doll without a head.”

        12 May, 2007

        OK, I can’t read this and not immediately subscribe to her blog. Lauri, I love you! I swear to read every post of yours from here on out.

        “It’s just not fun playing tea party with a doll without a head.”

        Awesome embroidery by Miss Lila Mae

        12 April, 2007

        Holy Moly! And Lila says

        this is my first substantial bit of embroidery, and the first time i tried many of those stitches.

        What an accomplishment! I’m insanely jealous of her creativity!

        Miss Lila Mae: #13

        Yum! Mr. Monkeysuit does felt cupcakes

        3 April, 2007

        These look delicious! In my mind, the frosting and decorations are made of marzipan. Just divine!


        mr. monkeysuit: felt cupcakes

        Back in November I made some felt cupcakes for Floyd’s cafe and a fellow blogger said she would like some for her daughter. Well four months later, and here they are ….or at least most of them. Of course, I haven’t finished them, of course not. I still have a couple of the larger ones left to finish but they are almost done now and soon the little swap we have arranged will be ready.
        I love getting involved in swaps. It is neat to think of your things half way round the world (or even a few streets away) being played with by some crafty mama’s kids or even by the crafty mama herself. It kind of reminds me of keeping pen-pals in the 1970’s. Does that even exist anymore ? Perhaps the advent of the internet makes the idea of sending letters round the world to people you have never met before seem redundant. Ironically and fortunately the craft-blog world has reinvented it through swapping and I think that is so cool. I love that these will be in someone else’s little daidokoro, cocina, kuche, cuisine or cozinha and I may never meet the person who receives them but there is an invisible thread that connects us.

        Clean or Dirty by Alice at futuregirl

        21 March, 2007

        Mom sent me this link today, and I’m going to have to make this for her. Looks easy enough even for this neophyte feltie, and includes a free pattern! (I’m curious to see the search hits this blog will get because of the words in her quote below!)

        futuregirl craft blog: Clean or Dirty

        How could he not notice a half naked girl? Well, I guess we’ll find out. His only comment, “The boobs should have been bigger.” Now *that* made me laugh.

        Wavy Seams at Pink Chalk Studio

        21 March, 2007

        Pink Chalk Studio » Tutorial – Wavy Seams

        I’ve seen this pic several times today in the blogs I read, and am inspired to try it myself:

        Face 2 Face

        9 March, 2007

        Face2Face Project

        3quarksdaily posted recently about this project, and it is with a full heart that I post it here. I have only a few readers, but I hope one of you will be moved as I was, and send it on to friends or post about it yourself.

        The filmmakers expect to have a completed documentary by September of this year. Can’t wait!

        When we met in 2005, we decided to go together in the Middle-East to figure out why Palestinians and Israelis couldn’t find a way to get along together.

        We then traveled across the Israeli and Palestinian cities without speaking much. Just looking to this world with amazement.

        This holly(sic) place for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This tiny area where you can see mountains, sea, deserts and lakes, love and hate, hope and despair embedded together.

        After a week, we had a conclusion with the same words: these people look the same; they speak almost the same language, like twin brothers raised in different families.

        A religious covered woman has her twin sister on the other side. A farmer, a taxi driver, a teacher, has his twin brother in front of him. And he his endlessly fighting with him.

        It’s obvious, but they don’t see that.

        We must put them face to face. They will realize.

        We want that, at last, everyone laughs and thinks when he sees the portrait of the other and his own portrait.

        The Face2Face project is to make portraits of Palestinians and Israelis doing the same job and to post them face to face, in huge formats, in unavoidable places, on the Israeli and the Palestinian sides.

        In a very sensitive context, we need to be clear. We are in favor of a solution for which two countries, Israel and Palestine would live peacefully within safe and internationally recognized borders.

        All the bilateral peace projects (Clinton/Taba, Ayalon/Nussibeh, Geneva Accords) are converging in the same direction. We can be optimistic.

        We hope that this project will contribute to a better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

        Today, “Face to face” is necessary. Within a few years, we will come back for “Hand in hand”.

        self portrait by monstros wraaa

        6 March, 2007

        self portrait on Flickr

        monstros wraaa uses her own hair in this self-portrait! well done!

        pretty pincushion by megan young

        6 March, 2007

        Hanging Pincushion on Flickr by Megan Young:

        To fit more equipment in my tiny sewing area, I made a pincushion that hangs on the wall. I sew in my bedroom, so the pincushion was designed to resemble a pillow. The middle fabric is thrifted sheeting. I have an enormous crush on thrifted sheeting.

        roosters by marisa maia

        6 March, 2007

        GALO. 5 on Flickr

        Marisa Maia makes the most whimsical stuffed roosters, plus she speaks Portuguese, the most beautiful language ever!

        bunny-orange by Miss Pompon

        6 March, 2007

        bunny-orange on Flickr

        miss pompon
        makes charming stuffed animals and illustrates books in lyon, france. I thought that shirt looked vaguely french.

        Bleu Fille by dadaya_hat

        6 March, 2007

        bleu Fille on Flickr

        It looks like dadaya_hat‘s made a scarf out of this design too! I want one!

        wishfactory’s work in progress

        25 February, 2007

        What a beautiful felt piece this is from wishfactory

        springy piece unfinished on Flickr

        Bwains! Bwains! by Heidi Kenney

        25 February, 2007

        Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane gives us her current plush in progress, Bwains. I love this!

        Eggs in blue bowl, by jgcf

        25 February, 2007

        Eggs in blue bowl on Flickr by jgcf

        What a great idea!

        photo of floss, at wee wonderfuls

        21 February, 2007

        Some things just make a girl smile. This picture over at wee wonderfuls definitely does it for me:

        Evrimnazli’s scarf

        20 February, 2007

        Evrimnazli posted this beautiful scarf on flickr today:

        Construction Paper Art by Jen Stark

        20 February, 2007

        Jen Stark’s beautiful construction paper sculptures are making the rounds of blogland today, and deservedly so! Delicious!

        Tricia’s yoyos at bits and bobbins

        15 February, 2007

        I must have a yen for yoyos lately. These yoyos that Tricia dug out of her flickr pile are just brilliant! Totally my colors!

        textures 1 (aka, yo-yos!)

        Liz Harvatine’s gift for a friend

        15 February, 2007

        OK, I’m gonna have to become friends with Liz (aka Lady Harvatine), as she makes be-yoo-ti-ful quilts for the people she likes. This design was inspired by a quilt by Denyse Schmidt.

        Lady Harvatine: Done and done.
        The design takes full advantage of the two things I love most about
        DSQ: #1, irregularity and the appearance of randomness in shapes and
        placement and #2, the use of a neutral color as a background as opposed
        to an all over design. And now that I’m on the subject I’ve thought of
        another: #3, choosing a very high percentage of solid fabrics over
        patterned ones. I really love the clean, modern look that you can
        achieve this way. It makes the design really prominent and also makes
        the few patterns that you do use really stand out. For this quilt I
        used all solids except for one plaid for some of the stripes and a
        flowered vintage-looking print for the backing.The design isn’t
        totally random. I tried to work out how many stripes of each color I
        would need and in which widths and lengths to keep it somewhat
        balanced. I used the same number of each on either side and simply laid
        them out randomly on the floor along with white strips of different
        widths. I rearranged one or two stripes but was quite happy with my
        initial “random” layouts.

        Pretty pink and green crochet something-or-other

        14 February, 2007

        I doubt I’ll ever take up crochet, but this inspires me nonetheless. The colors are so softly pretty and the shells so feminine.

        Gigi has other charming crocheted items at her site, along with other stuff in portuguese, apparently reviews of movies and tv shows.

        Shells Pattern

        Sarah’s Pretty Pouches

        11 February, 2007

        Sarah of hiptopiecesquares just made a bunch of the prettiest pouches you ever saw! Note to self: get a zipper foot and figure out how to use it.

        She says:

        It’s true! I’m back! I guess it was never my intention to leave this
        just sitting her for months and months, but I know most people know how
        it goes: you just get lazy. I don’t know what happened–I just seemed
        to lose my blogging mojo. Then, after you stop writing, it’s hard to
        get back into it. It seemed weird to just jump right back in where I
        left off at. Oh well, I think it’ll do it anyway.

        I’ve been back up to my old doings–making pouches!


        I got a huge wave of inspiration to start working on them the other
        night, and I finished them all up this morning. It was nice to get a
        big batch done all at once. The assembly line method works wonders.

        Mango Mood, by Melody Johnson

        8 February, 2007

        Mango Mood–Hand dyed cottons, fused, hand and machine quilted. 8.75″x19.5″

        by Melody Johnson at Fibermania

        It doesn’t get much more spectacular than this!